Thursday, August 2, 2007

Has The Demise of Indymac Bank Started?

Dear Valued Customer,

As you are all well aware, the secondary markets are currently very volatile, and, in fact, other than the GSEs and Ginnie Mae, there is virtually no secondary market liquidity at present. While Indymac has very strong capital and liquidity, we need to adapt to current market conditions and be very careful with the loans we are funding.As a result, we, along with most other major mortgage lenders, need to make additional product cutbacks and implement additional price widening in order to ensure we can sell the loans we are funding. While we hope that this current difficult environment will be short-lived, we all need to be realistic and be prepared to work within this tough market for a protracted period. In that respect, we need to quickly move as many borrowers as possible to this more full doc, conforming loan environment so that a greater percentage of our loans can be sold to the GSEs.I also want to reaffirm to you our commitment to the mortgage business and assure you we will stay focused on providing you a stable, reliable business partner you can count on to meet your needs, along with the needs of your customers. Indymac Bank?s financial strength combined with and the stability of our national savings and loan charter will ensure we will be one of the strong survivors from this difficult period. I want to thank you for your business and for your commitment to Indymac Bank. We look forward to building an even stronger relationship going forward.

Best Regards,Walter TharpCEO, Wholesale Lending